Climber's Friend

Inspired by mountains


The main ingredient is Agothosma Betulina, or round leaf Buchu, which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  It is anti arthritic and anti rheumatic, as well as being a carminative.  It is a strong diuretic and also increases perspiration, in order to cleanse the body.

Jojoba is the base oil, which is the closest match to the human skin sebum, and easily absorbed for a non-greasy after-feel.  

Rose Geranium has a balancing effect on the nervous system, is uplifting and promotes a sense of lightness, relieving stress.

Lavender soothes pain, a natural analgesic.

Lemongrass has antispetic and antimicrobial properties, promoting general health and well-being.

Climber's Friend Healing Oil is named after the deep-rooted mountain plant, and helps soothe the muscles and joints of the body, especially in your hands, fingers and feet.  The oil promotes healing from within, reaching the source of  increased tension. 

Recovery time speeds up and injury is prevented by encouraging elasticity and flexibility. The mobility of the joints and tendons are improved through the massage action and the deep penetrating anti-inflammatory properties of the oil.

Climber's Friend Healing Oil was inspired by the indigenous Fynbos vegetation of the Cape Floral Kingdom that is known to be rich in medicinal properties. This endemic vegetation has adapted over millions of years, partly because the Southern Hemisphere escaped the Ice-Age. The Fynbos species is diverse in many aspects and believed to hold an ancient wisdom.